Five Pinterest DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas from around the web!

I love Do-It-Yourself Christmas gifts because, well, it’s cheaper I always feel like I put heart-felt love into them. In fact, not to toot my horn, but over the years me and J have made some big hit DIY gifts. Including homemade goat’s milk soap and since J tools leather, his hand-tooled purses have created quite the fuss at our family Christmases.

I understand that it’s only August, but one of the things I start early is planning (and pinning) my favorite ideas for DIY Christmas gifts. I get so excited about making these presents!

1. DIY Flower Pots

How cute are these? With the stenciled names and an easy-to-care-for plant (I’m thinking something like Rosemary), this would be a huge hit with family or friends that carry that lovely green thumb!

Stenciled Flower Pot

2. Paracord Dog Collar:

We are obsessed huge dog lovers in this house. We have no less than three spoiled rescue mutts in our home. And there are a couple of other dog lovers in my family that would love this. I have to say, this would be super cute with some seasonal homemade dog treats. Tie it together in a cute basket or tin and this DIY Christmas gift would be a huge hit with the dog lover in your home!

Click here to get instructions on this really cool collar!
Click here to get instructions on this really cool paracord dog collar!

3. DIY Bathroom Organizer

This DIY Christmas gift is so versatile, you might find yourself thinking of other, cool ideas for the wording. My mom is a school nurse, I could easily change the words to “gauze” or “antiseptic”. You could make it for a coffee lover by putting “K-Cups”, “Creamer”, and “Sugar” and filling them with little packets. Or you could place it in your daughter’s bathroom with “Ribbons”, “Clips”, and “Hair Ties”. The possibilities are endless!

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizer

4. DIY Branch Coasters

The author of this really cool idea stated that she made these for her neighbors after an old, favorite tree was cut down. Coming from the woods of East Texas with all its beautiful trees that often find themselves blown over by a storm, I can see how this could be double as heart-felt. All it really takes is a hand-saw, sand-paper (if you’re like me, you cheat and use a mouse), and some clear varnish. It really can’t get any easier! Or prettier.

DIY Branch Coasters

5. DIY Aftershave 

We can’t leave the men out! They deserve homemade gifts too. This great recipe makes homemade aftershave crunchy style. Using a mix of herbs and rum, it’s a man-approved DIY gift. I might decide to make it at home just because it’s easy and I would love to see if J likes it.

Bay Rum Aftershave

Do you have any favorite DIY gifts? It might be something you were given, something you made, or something you would like to make. Share your ideas in the comment section!

Also, follow my Gift Idea Pinterest board for more DIY gift links!


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