Fifteen Things Babies are Certain Of

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Anyone who’s hung out with a baby for more than a few minutes learns one very important thing: they know what they want and aren’t afraid to wail for it.

Not only are they willing to wail, they will continue to do so until their “needs” are met.

Here are fifteen of those needs that babies are 100% certain of.

1. When they’re hungry, they’re starving to death.


2. Cribs are obviously made of molten lava.

3. Moms are made of all that is right with the world.

4. Baths are only fun if you can get ALL THE THINGS WET.


5. Pooping is best done at a squat while mom holds you.

6. Slobber and spit up are the prettiest accessories to any outfit.

7. Dad is not mom.


8. Strangers are not mom.

9. Grandparents are not mom.

10. Nobody but mom is mom.

11. When mom tries sitting down stars collide and threaten planet earth. Mom must never sit.

12. Moms really only need one meal per day. Usually breakfast.

13. Grocery stores are really boring. Liven them up by screaming.

14. Peeing is most fun without a diaper.

15. Babies really love their mom.



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