Midland, Texas Ice Storm 2015

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My hometown is in southeast Texas. We never saw much ice or snow. Maybe an almost-dusting here and there (like, I remember when I was in kindergarten and there was sleet coming down. They let us play outside in it. It was just a tiny amount, but we were going crazy over it). IMG_2695Snow never stuck in our coastal area, so on the rare occasion that we get these nasty storms, I happen to be more excited than bummed.


Actually, in all of my scant 27 years I’ve seen it snow in my hometown only once. On a Christmas Eve when I was in high school. A whopping foot of snow. The only white Christmas I’ve ever seen.

It was magical.

IMG_2626  I moved away from the coast just enough to have seen snow every couple of years lately. But I’ve never seen an ice storm like this.IMG_2675
I’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy one.IMG_2682

Oh, I know. I’ve been locked inside my house for a week while the logistics of the thing have quickly broken down trees, power lines, and crashed more cars in Midland, Texas than anyone cares to deal with.IMG_2683

But isn’t nature beautiful? IMG_2685

I will admit, I had to snap these photos after I helped the kid to sleep. I love some of these night shots. IMG_2699

Last night, between the ice and the snow, I was completely enthralled.
But this morning, when the blue sky showed for the first time all week and the ice glowed, I had to take more photos.IMG_2713

And of course, the dogs wanted to play. They’re way over being cooped up in the house.

Anyway, looks like a batch of homemade soup and some hot coffee in is our future. I hope you enjoy the images.


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