About the Author: Dayna Hickman

Hickman20141122.038Dayna Hickman is a writer, editor, teacher and blogger with too many three dogs, an adoring husband, and one handsome little man. Being a new mom and living ten hours from family, she and her husband are navigating this parent thing on their own.

Dayna was the oldest of five kids, and she quickly learned that every child is an individual and raising them isn’t a prescription. So she chooses to go with the flow and make sure her small family feels loved and secure. At the moment, it works out beautifully. Some call it attachment parenting, but she just calls it life.

Among other passions, adult ADHD is something Dayna writes about frequently, and she’s working on a school counseling graduate degree. She’s also into cooking and is slightly crunchy.

Stick around and enjoy reading her frazzled coffee loving blog.



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