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28 Thoughts Mom’s Have when their Baby won’t Go to Sleep

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I’m guilty of doing all the things wrong about child bedtime. I nurse this kid to sleep and lay him down and sneak away. Don’t judge. I like it this way.

And my kid usually goes to bed by 8:30 and sleeps almost 12 straight hours.

But some nights, he seriously won’t go down easy. I usually recognize what’s about to happen, but the truth is, us moms think about all kinds of crazy things while we deal with our children’s antics.

Here are 28 thoughts that run through every mom’s head when their kid is acting like a lunatic at bedtime. Enjoy!

1. Is this a growth spurt?
2. Maybe he’s over stimulated.
3. Oh. This is probably my fault for playing with him so late.
4. Is this kid human? This is the equivalent of putting a frog to sleep.
5. His diaper is dry.
6. Switch sides?
7. I know he’s tired. Why is he doing the funky chicken?
8. Maybe I need to switch sides again.
9. He has to be going through a growth spurt.
10. There can’t be milk left.
11. What kind of noise is that? A yelling snort? Can I make that if I tried?
12. Maybe he’s cutting a tooth!
13. I hope he isn’t getting sick.
14. Let’s switch sides again.
15. Oh no. That’s not going to work.
16. I’ll just stand him up. Maybe he…
17. Wow. That was a loud belch. Maybe that was it.
18. He wants the left side. Okay.
20. I’ll stand him up again.
21. Agh! You ate too much. Spit up everywhere.
22. I give up. I’m turning on the lamp.
23. Are you grunting?
24. You are grunt…
25. Oh wow. You stink.
26. Go ahead. Finish.
27. You seriously better go to sleep after this.
28. You’re lucky that smile is cute.